Wednesday, 23 January 2008

SUDDHA, jan 23

We had invited today's guest at the suggestion of one of the students, and
luckily for us, he said he'd come!

Today we will be having with us Mr.P.N.Ramachandra. He is an FTII graduate
and is presently based in Mumbai making documentaries, short films and TV
shows under the banner of Sonk Films. SUDDHA is his first feature length
film. It was adjudged Best Indian Film at the Osian Cinefan Festival of
Asian Films in New Delhi 2006

(The Cleansing Rites)
105 mins
digital format, Language: TULU

The film is about a family in a remote village in South India which
realizes that it is in its last leg of feudal existence when it cannot
perform a last rites in a scale in which it was once used to.

The film depicts the impact the Land Ceiling Act, ushered a few decades
back in the country, has had on its social structure. It is the story of
modern India – of changing caste equations and a realisation of the
reality among the land owning class, albeit a bit late. Though the film
is set in a remote village near Mangalore, it could well have happened
in any other village elsewhere in India.

Here are a few links that ought to be checked out before watching the film




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