Tuesday, 29 January 2008

STAY, jan 29

Mark Forester
"Between the world of the LIVING and the DEAD there's a place you're not
suposed to STAY..."

A mind-bending thriller with an experimental but moving and mesmerizing
double narrative that plunges below the surface of ordinary experience to
take a man on a spiraling descent through the mysteries of identity,
dreams and the very fabric of existence.

A distraught young man announces to his psychiatrist that he plans to
commit suicide in 3 days. The psychiatrist's desperate attempt to help his
new patient leads him through the city on an incredible, nightmarish
journey that bends reality.


Born in Germany and raised in Switzerland Marc Forster was a student of
NYU's film school.

He declined a 500,000 Dollars offer to direct a film despite having no
income at the time and living from money borrowed from friends. He didn't
believe the script was good and was afraid his reputation as a director
would suffer.

He says about STAY
"I think it's too much to say it's dark and complicated. It's a little
more out there. In a sense it's sort of like 'Fight Club'. It's darker
definitely. It goes back to Monster's ball roots but it definitely has
hope as well. You have to engage in the film. You can't just relax and

"Stay is a film that revels in breaking the rules- those of both story
telling and film making techniques. So often I have seen films like this
that try to walk the line between creativity and confusion. The director
manages to do that with precision." Kevin Carr, 7M Pictures.

Stay did not do so well at the box office, or as well as the Academy Award
winning film 'Finding Neverland' did!

TRAILER 1 —http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W9A3x3K_6Fw


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