Wednesday, 9 January 2008


Kamal Swaroop
101 mins

Om-Dar-Ba-Dar is a fantastical portrait of life in a mythical small town.
The film tells the story of a young boy called Om in the period of his
carefree adolescence and its harsh disillusionments. Om has a rather
strange family. His father quits his government job to dedicate himself to
astrology, and his older sister is dating a good-for-nothing. Om is
involved in science, but is also attracted to magic and religion. Above
all it seems as if his only outstanding skill is his ability to hold his
breath underwater for a long time.

'Om-Dar-Ba-Dar' has been referred to as an anomaly or accident by the few
who have seen it from within the mainstream Indian film history because of
its progressive cinematic nature.

Kamal Swaroop will be in NID on Friday(Jan 11) for Baatein.
AND, Aditya, the actor who plays the lead role in the film, will be introducing the film.
What fun :D
poster by Arpit Bhargava

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