Wednesday, 24 December 2008

For the New Yr,FINs spreading out, renovating, updating itself..

What happens to most well-recieved innovations? They spread out, reinvent themselves, get 'branded',numbers increase...heck, CCD,RelianceFresh,even RK egg eatery bear testament to that.

Its about time G-NID(Gandhinagar NID,to you) got kick-started.
And thanks to intervention from Sekhar Mukherjee and Kanika( TAD,1st yr)
Their Audi will soon be graced with regular film screenings and audience of the like; making this a landmark for Film Club.Both of them.:)
Personally, I'm glad Gandhinagar and Paldi have this common link, and lets hope for many more in the future.

Next Update.
Film CluB Poster Exhibition scheduled this month. Posters being uprooted from across the last two semesters, and the best one of course will receive a substantial goody-bag type prize from Crosswords.
Similar plans for FIN Promos;regarding which many enthusiasts have promised new promos this semester.

Keep Posted.
Merry XMas and peace to All.

Signing off.

A Classic December.

To those who take a peek at this lonely blogspot- it aint resting in peace yet.

First things first:Current SCREENINGS.
'December Classics' was the theme,continueing into Jan.We're moving across the continent,starting with the epic 'Gone with the Wind' and entering UK,Europe,India(local classics),the Orient, and so on.

23 8 1/2 (Fredrico Felinni,Italy)
27 Blow up (Antonioni,Italy)

30 Metropolis( Fritz Lang,Germany)
31 New Years Eve Special: Oliver Twist (David Lean,Great Britain)

1 New Years Day: Triplets of Belleville(animation,France)
6 Rules of the game( Renoir,France)
8 Macbeth (Orson Welles)