Wednesday, 24 December 2008

A Classic December.

To those who take a peek at this lonely blogspot- it aint resting in peace yet.

First things first:Current SCREENINGS.
'December Classics' was the theme,continueing into Jan.We're moving across the continent,starting with the epic 'Gone with the Wind' and entering UK,Europe,India(local classics),the Orient, and so on.

23 8 1/2 (Fredrico Felinni,Italy)
27 Blow up (Antonioni,Italy)

30 Metropolis( Fritz Lang,Germany)
31 New Years Eve Special: Oliver Twist (David Lean,Great Britain)

1 New Years Day: Triplets of Belleville(animation,France)
6 Rules of the game( Renoir,France)
8 Macbeth (Orson Welles)

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