Thursday, 24 January 2008


Adam Elliot

The story revolves around the life of Harvek Milos Krumpetzki, born in Poland in 1922. At the outbreak of World War 2he comes to Australia as a refugee, and changes his name to Harvie Krumpet. Despite a life filled with bad luck - such as having Tourette's Syndrome, being struck by lightning, and losing one of his testicles - Harvie remains ever optimistic, living out his own eccentric way of life, marrying a nurse he meets in hospital and raising an adoptive daughter, who is a Thalidomide baby. Throughout his disaster-ridden life, people around him come and go, but right to the end Harvie delights in the simple pleasure of life. In one of the pivotal episodes of his life Harvie sits in the park next to a statue of Horace while he hears the instructional Carpe Diem that inspires him to many changes in life including embracing the naturist ways and embarking on daring rescue missions for animal rights.

The film won Best Animated Short Film in the 2004 Academy Awards.
Harvie Krumpet is a claymation film.

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