Monday, 2 March 2009

And the Winners are..

Results of the POSTER EXHIBITION held over a week ago.

The judges shortlisted a selection of posters from the display and here are the results:

1. and 2. go to Jasjyot Singh Hans, 2nd Yr Animation UG, for Harvey Krumpet and Ten.

Special Award to Anish Dasgupta, Foundation, for his handmade illustration used for unusual format of both bookmark/poster.

Handouts and promos were too few in number to be judged this time,hopefully by the next semester there will enough entries.

The VOUCHERS at leading bookstores will be awarded to the winners.

Thanks to everyone who participated,I hope we'll have a lot more posters and handouts coming up soon!

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Shreyas said...

dammit, I didn't know handouts were counted! I'd have sent in all of mine! :(