Monday, 23 February 2009

The Alter and The Ocean

Tom Alter, well known actor, writer and sports journalist, is in NID for the next few days.He acts in 'Ocean of an Old Man',an extraordinary film, made in the aftermath of the 2004 Tsunami devastations that took and altered lives forever.
Tom Alters will also perform a play+ give a Baatein session over the next few days.

Stills from the film:

Tom Alter is the son of American missionaries, and has lived in India all his life.
He is best recalled for acting in the long running TV Serial 'Junoon', in Satyajit Ray's Shatranj Ke Khiladi, Sardar(1993),and the Hollywood film 'One night with the King'.
Alters has also acted in a long list of Hindi films for the past two decades.
In theatre, he has contributed to William Dalrymple's 'City of Djinns' (2007) with Zohra Sehgal, and 'Maulana', based on the life of Maulana Azad.
He was recently awarded the Padmashree.

Ocean of an Old Man (2008)
100 Min
Directed by Rajesh Shera
Lead Actor: Tom Alters
A schoolteachers' life consists of meeting his young, angel-like students who travel every day to school from neighbouring islands.
His reality is wiped away, one day, when the Ocean takes away his loved ones. When the Government evacuates the islanders, he chooses to stay back in an old Japanese bunker on the devastated island.
This is his story.

24th February
6 15 Audi

He's also going to enact a play in the Amphi, and give a Baatein session through the duration of his stay.Contact KHEL and Baatein for those details.

Screening of tuesdays film 'Good morning Babylon',has hence been cancelled in place of OCEAN.

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