Sunday, 8 March 2009

March-Month of LAUGHS.

As mentioned in the last email, this month we're focusing on films in
the genre of humour, in some cases redefining the classic concept of
Hollywood comedy.

SCHEDULE goes this way:

12-Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi -Satyan Bose

17-Midsummer nights sex comedy-Woody Allen
18-Canterbury Tales-Paculini
19-Chasme Budoor-Sai Paranjpe

24-M.A.S.H- Robert Altman
25-History of the World Part 1-Mel Brooks (Yes,it is a comedy,the
title says it all)
26-Bawarchi- Hrishikesh Mukherjee

31-Buster Keaton-A hard act to follow (documentary)

1-(let's see what happens in the Audi at 615,Shall We?)
2-Short films of Jacques Tati

Contact one of the usuals for posters/handouts/if you'd like to
introduce a film..thats Kaveri Deepak(come by the animation studio) or Ahona/Rudro.

Foundation,please wake up!It's disappointing to see sooo little enthusiasm this year.Especially to those interested in taking up film/animation next year-Unsecure is not enough,sorry to say.

Have fun before the ascent of the Juries
and the heat wave in April!

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