Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Thursday Screening - THE DAY I BECAME A WOMAN

This Thursday we bring you a film that expresses the female view of life in a society that usually stifles this perspective. A telling insight into how things are with the “other” other. The film is spare in its treatment, the austerity, characteristic of Iranian cinema, befitting the subject matter. There are three parts, each depicting one of three different people (presumably contemporaries) at different stages of life. So you have a young girl, whose story directly connects to the film’s title; a young wife, the one you see on this poster; and a wheelchair-bound old woman giving vent to her fancies. These episodes, tenuously bound by shared themes, give the viewer sufficient space to wonder and think. What is left unsaid and is hidden away beckons to us from the shadows.

About the director: Marzieh Meshkini (b. 1969), a relative newcomer to the scene, studied at the Makhmalbaf Film Institute and then worked as an assistant-director to her husband, Mohsen Makhmalbaf. This was her debut feature.

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