Friday, 20 July 2007

July 20th, Friday - French Short Film Festival

Playground Shorts – on the 20th of July 2007

Direction: Didier Barcelo
Screenplay: Jean-Loup Seuret, Patrice Dumas, Didier Barcelo
Photo: Glinn Speeckaert
Editing: Aurelien Dupont
Music: Jean Dindinaud
Actors: Philippe Amaury Corbisier, Sarah Metzmacker
Production: Quad Productions

France - 2004 - Animation - 3 mn

The Pencils
A pretty little girl is in love with a little boy, but is she as charming and sweet with everybody else?


Direction: Georges Le Piouffle
Screenplay: Zoe Galeron, Georges Le Piouffle
Photo: William Waterlot
Actors: Serge Hazanavicius, Axelle Laffont, Bernard Haller, Benjamin Gabbey, Jules-Angelo Bigarnet
Production: Antiprod

France - 2004 - Fiction -16 mn

Ten-year-old Martin must take an alley he doesn't know to get to his new school. Mysterious Manitout signals to him from behind a dusty window. The old man can make Martin's satchel come to life. And what if everything left in the old man's hands could start to work? Thus a world somewhere between the imaginary and wishful comes to life for Martin.


Direction: Chloe Miller
Screenplay: Chloe Miller
Editing: Camille Maury
Music: Christophe Heral
Production: La Poudriere Ecole du Film d' Animation

France - 2004 - Animation - 4 mn

Fed-up of waiting, a princess takes over the situation


Direction: Marie-Louise Mendy
Screenplay: Marie-Louise Mendy
Photo: Laurent Rauty, Laurent Pauly
Editing: Ulrich Teiger
Music: Martin de Manneffe
Actors: Vogan Gomis, Manuelle Molinas, A"issa Maiga
Production: Killers Film

France - 2005 - Fiction - 10 mn

Safi, is a young woman from Africa, she goes to get her son at school. He looks at her face and hands closely as though he was seeing her for the first time. Strangely distant and depressed since this day, she slowly discovers the reason for his trouble: the difference of their skin colours.


Direction: Benoit Razy
Screenplay: Benoit Razy I Sylvie Plessy
Editing: Herve Guichard
Production: Les Films du Nord, FolPhoto Valence Production

France - 2005 - Animation - 14 mn

Céline's parents leave for a few days. The ten-year-old girl remains behind with her two brothers, watched over by Rosalie. During her parents' absence, an unusual number of meetings take place between Céline and Valentin, a young, unstable boy given to violent spells who lives in the same village. Their games and vastly different backgrounds create a mixture of mutual curiosity and fear between them.


Direction: Cedric Babouche
Screenplay: Cedric Babouche
Editing: Amandine Moulinet
Music: Thierry Malet
Production: Sacrebleu Productions

France - 2005 - Animation, 3D - 12 mn

Antoine, 8 years old, has lost his father in a plane crash. Unable to accept his death, he finally starts living again and accepts his loss through a metaphorical dream. And thus, he's able to grieve.


Direction: Thomas Wagner, Victor-Emmanuel Moulin, Aurelie Frechinos
Screenplay: Thomas Wagner, Victor-Emmanuel Moulin
Photo: Thomas Wagner, Victor-Emmanuel Moulin, Aurelie Frechinos
Editing: Aurelie Frechinos, Victor-Emmanuel Moulin, Thomas Wagner
Music: Poum T chack
Production: Supinfocom Aries Ventes internationales: Premium films

France - 2005 - Animation - 6 mn

Logic event in robots party language teapot and splat atmosphere.


Direction: Emilie Sengelin
Editing: Catherine Aladenise
Music: Christophe Heral
Production: La Poudriere. Ecole d' Animation

France - 2005 - Animation 20 - 4 mn

In a train, everyone is deep in their own thoughts. During an incident, their eyes meet, and their tongues are loosened in song.


Direction: Xavier de Choudens
Screenplay: Xavier de Choudens, Pascale Monforte
Photo: Gordon Spooner
Editing: Sophie Reine
Music: Franck Louise
Actors: Jean Senejoux, Guillaume Denaiffe, Faygal Zeghadi, Franck Bruneau, Silong, Hakim Djaziri, Olivier Gueritee
Production: Agat Films & Cie

France - 2005 - Fiction - 10 mn

A group of boys, aged from 12 to 23, is at a station waiting for the last train. One of them, Sacha, contemplates the heavens and speculates about how the planets move within the universe.

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ayanna said...

i just saw the first four shorts yesterday. they are fabulous!
i was moved by the story in manie-tout. the setup of the shots at the start really contribute to the story line.
and, i loved poteline! women taking charge =)