Monday, 2 July 2007


An assorted mix of silent shorts have we for you. They could throw you for a loop, they might provoke or make you giggle, or they may leave you cold. You will never know if you stay away.

3rd July 2007
6:15 p.m. at the Auditorium

AVANT GARDE FROM 1920s-30s. The name says it all. This is a package of short films that were once considered cutting edge. They may seem quaint now; stay with us.

UN CHIEN ANDALOU (1929). Directed by Luis Bunuel (and Salvador Dali). More people would have heard of Dali, we're willing to bet. Well, this film is not unlike the eccentric painter's famous works. In true Surrealist vein, the thing has no coherent plot whatsoever, jumping from situation to crazy situation. Dali himself makes an appearance - see if you can spot him. Deeply disturbing even for today's audiences, at its premiere Luis Bunuel reportedly had his pockets laden with stones, to defend himself should any outraged people assault him! Don't pelt us, please. A must watch.
and finally
A series of Lumiere Brothers shorts. An enterprising lot, true pioneers who did a lot to get the public involved in the moving image. A selection of their work. These, and others like them, might seem crude to our jaded modern selves. All the same, they deserve our respect.


sayerhs said...

ooh..un chien andalou was hilarious!

It takes guts to actually have a screening like that. Kudos to u guys for actually doing it.
It was fascinating to see the way film making has evolved, starting from the single shots to "the star fish"(man ray was it?) Crazu man it was!.

oh and publicise this blog more!!!!!!

moKa said...

Hey,it's nice to hear that.Yes,we hope this kind of screening doesn't become too restrictive but encourages more talk and understanding and of course openness!