Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Poster/Handout FYI

Here are the basic details that must be included when one is interested in making a poster/handout. These are necessary to give out the right amount of information to the community,and to prevent any confusions such as 'Oh I thought the film was last week?'

Poster MUSTS!
1.Film name
2.Director name
3.Filmclub Logo( on blog,RHS)
4.Time and location(Generally 6:15,Audi)
5.Date of screening

You must have seen the film before making a poster.(We will issue it previously for you,from the KMC).Please note that faff-making is visible,and direct copying of posters from online is a waste of time and paper/print facilities.

Hand-made posters,please collect your posters after the film,Filmclub is not responsible if other students love your artwork to the extent of neatly flicking it for their own walls. Also the size MUST be a double-imperial sheet.

Print posters, both Colour/B&W. Email the pdf to .Only A3.

1 comment:

Shreyas said...

excuse graphic design gyan,
but get an rgb version of print poster, so that you can upload it on the blog. cmyk files change colour sometimes (like the mash posters)when blogged.