Thursday, 10 July 2008


On day 3 of our Spaghetti westerns festival, we bring to you...

...The mother of all Westerns...

“When you have to shoot, shoot, don't talk.”

The last movie of the ‘Dollars trilogy’ is a bit different then the previous ones. For starters, the title doesn't mention anything about dollars. Yet it is still considered part of the series due to the appearance of Clint Eastwood, and the similar storyline (all three concern the acquisition of large amounts of gold by The Man With No Name playing two sides against each other). The film’s working title was The Two Magnificent Tramps and was changed just before shooting began when Vincenzoni, the scriptwriter, thought up The Good, The Bad & The Ugly which Leone loved. It was part of Time's "100 Greatest movies of the last century".

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armeen said...

Truly the mother of all westerns. No other western movie comes close to this one. In the background of the American Civil War, three intriguing characters are out to find the treasure of their dreams. Two are indifferent to everything but their own search for wealth, and one is the ruthless killer. These three are brought together at various times by forces greater than any of them, and each time they know that they will kill the others the next time. The climax of the movie is truly memorable.

The frames in this film are brilliantly composed and of course the soundtrack is one of a kind. There is humour throughout the film which makes it truly worth a watch. No, a Must-See.