Wednesday, 9 July 2008

For a Few Dollars More, July 9

“I didn't hear what the bet was.”

“Your life.”

This sequel to A Fistful of Dollars continues what is called the ‘Dollars trilogy’.

In this movie, the Man With No Name is back, and this time he's a bounty hunter. So is the Colonel (Lee Van Cleef). They both set their sights on a recently escaped bandit, Indio, who plans to rob the Bank of El Paso. The Man with No Name and the Colonel conspire to turn in Indio and his men for a huge reward, but with such a huge reward, the two bounty hunters must watch each other as closely as they watch Indio.

For a Few Dollars More is the first film that contains what is to become a Leone trademark, the musical theme embodied within the movie itself, where the music is often both diagetic and non-diagetic (within and separate from the action).

Poster by Vidit Narang

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