Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Another year :)

June 25, Wednesday, 2008

Hello NID ,

Welcome back!

Another year had begun and we hope that you have all had a nice
vacation and have had some time to settle down. If you haven’t
caught up with everyone yet,then today at 6pm outside the Audi
would be a nice time for you to catch each other over a cup
of chai or coffee.

After which you can indulge your selves in some cinema from
our very own film and animation students. There is a
two-hour compilation of some of the best student films.

This is the opening screening for this year, don't miss it!

As ever,(for the benefit of the uninitiated),
Filmclub screenings are at the audi, and begin at 6.15pm.
Do try to catch your seats before that!

See you there!

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