Tuesday, 1 April 2008

eric rohmer festival> MY NUIT CHEZ MAUD, avril 1

Avril 1 | Audi | 7pm

MA NUIT CHEZ MAUD/My Night at Maud's

Year: 1969
Run Time: 110 mins

After spending several years abroad, Jean-Louis, an engineer, longs for some
peace and quiet. Every sunday at church, he notices a young blonde woman he
fancies and decides that she will become his wife. Then, while at a local restaurant,
he meets Vidal, an old school friend, now a philosophy professor at Clermont-Ferrand University. Vidal invites him to spend Christmas Eve a Maud's house. A doctor and
divorcee, the dark-haired Maud, a beautiful, fascinating and single woman, is not
impervious to Jean-Louis' charms.


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The Sooper Tam said...

thanks for the comment!
Glad you like our blog.

Anonymous said...


quite an amazing blog, indeed, you've got everything here, from japanese to iranian cinema. I liked particularly the posts about the Czech new wave. It's the kind of films people don't usually get the chance of viewing, sadly enough!

Keep on the good work!

The Sooper Tam said...

Thank you!