Monday, 31 March 2008

The Life of Oharu, March 27

Kenzi Mizoguchi

Based upon the novel "The Woman who Loved Love", by Saikaku Ihara, The Life of Oharu is a beautiful but deeply depressing experience. Hugely engrossing, Mizoguchi's film is a sophisticated tale of female oppression set in the 17th Century attacking the divide of sexes and class prevelant at the time yet also directing a subversive glance at the inequalities of 1950's Japan. This epic drama charts the extraordinarily unfortunate fate bestowed upon the daughter of an esteemed Lord. Falling in love with a lower ranking servant, Oharu finds both herself and her parents banished from the city by the courts. Forced to make a meagre living by any means possible and with the love of her life executed for his actions, Oharu finds herself drifting inexorably down a path of heartbreak and prostitution.

poster--> Shreyas R Krishnan

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