Monday, 3 March 2008


After giving you the best of the German and French new wave we now move
to the Czechoslovak new wave . Trademarks of the movement contain long
unscripted dialogues, dark and absurd humour, and the casting of
inexperienced actors. The films often treated themes that were uncommon
in communist countries, such as the love-confusion of young people or the
absence of morality in Czechoslovak society.The movement came to an
abrupt end following the 1968 Soviet clampdown on the liberalization of
the Prague spring Milos Forman and Passer fled the country, while those
who remained faced heavy censorship of their work.

Milos Forman

This film was Milos Formans was the last film Forman would make in his
native Czechoslovakia. It is also the first film he shot in color, and a
milestone of the Czech New Wave. It is considered a cult film. He
continued to make films in hollywood which include One flew over the
cuckoos nest and Amadeus among others.

this film is set in a fire department in a small town which is having a
big party when the ex-boss of the department celebrates his 86th birthday.
The whole town is invited but things don't go as planned. Someone is
stealing the prizes to the lottery and the candidates for the Miss
Fire-Department beauty contest are neither willing or particularly

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