Thursday, 23 October 2008

Afterthought on notebooks

(Handout by Pragya Mishra,7th semester Graphic Design)
Tuesdays screening was 'Notebook on cities and clothes'.
Wim Wenders and Yohji Yamamoto chat about cities and clothes,with Yamamotos unimitatable,refreshingly blasphemous takes on his city(Tokyo),the conflict of identity and affirmations that 'Im a dressmaker,not a fashion designer'.

A documentary,or perhaps going beyond the definition of one?

True this may be,despite that thou might disagree!

Once in a while,people take the initiative to holler back a response after yet another cycle of screenings.As the semester comes to a close,Manish Desai from TAD,3rd semester PG sent in an email on tuesdays' film:
" A designer could connect very well to it. It also examined the nature of documentary and somehow it was about inner conversations between two people brought out in movie."

Take a peek at his blog and see for yourself.
More words like this,if not a review or 'critical cinematographic analysis' will cause the FIN blog to do a hearty (yet dignified,mind) jig on the NID server.


Shreyas said...

nice idea to put up the handout!

I wish I could see this film!!! eets in kmc?

Cat-on-the-moon said...

for sure,all the wim wenders' films were from the KMC.also watch wings of desire.:))