Thursday, 14 August 2008


Guru Dutt

Kaagaz ke Phool has been considered Guru Dutt's finest film by many. A
cinematic masterpiece that went over the audience's heads and sank like
the Titanic so to say.

Technically the film is perhaps his best film. The camerawork with
its use of light and shadows is magical. The frames have been
beautifully composed keeping in mind the cinemascope format. ( It is
India's first ever film in cinemascope and got cinematographer V.K.
Murthy the Filmfare award ) The relationship between the director and
his protégé is delicately handled on a very human plane. The film
making scenes are shot with meticulous attention to detail. The
ambiance of the film studios is most effectively created. (Although
audiences could not digest this breaking down of the myth surrounding
the film world, its aura and glamour ) And song picturisations, as
mentioned already a strong point of Guru Dutt, are taken to new heights
particularly Dekhi Zamaane ki Yaari and Waqt ne Kiya Kya Haseen Situm
the latter perhaps the best ever song sung by Geeta Dutt.

Today, Kaagaz ke Phool enjoys a cult following and goes house full whenever re-released.

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